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Tuesday, March 5, 2 pm

Interconnected: Rural-Urban Conversations
Examining access to mental health services in rural & urban Minnesota and “deaths of despair”

Since 2020, Interconnected has been helping bridge the divide between urban and rural communities in Minnesota by discussing shared challenges and opportunities, and exploring how to design a future and systems that incorporate the unique needs of communities across the state. For our next conversation, we will examine mental health issues facing people across Minnesota.

The “deaths of despair” phenomenon is causing a reduction in life expectancy across America. What are they, and how do they impact rural and urban Minnesota differently? We will also look at farmer suicides.

This Interconnected will follow the release of a new report from the Center for Rural Policy in Development in late February.

For the first time, Interconnected will happen both in-person and online. You can join us in-person at the League of Minnesota Cities offices in St. Paul or via Zoom for this event!

WHAT: Interconnected – Examining Mental Health Across Minnesota

WHEN: Tuesday, March 5, 2:00-3:30 pm

In-person: League of Minnesota Cities, 145 University Avenue W., Saint Paul
Virtual: Zoom  



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Interconnected: Rural-Urban Conversations


About the Series

Minnesotans often use the phrase “rural-urban divide” when talking about the values and priorities that seem to differ across our state. But in reality, our challenges and opportunities are truly interconnected – though the solutions we design may look a bit different in Minneapolis compared to Mankato, or in Brainerd vs. Bloomington. This four-event series – hosted by the Center for Rural Policy and Development and the Citizens League – will bridge the divide between urban & rural Minnesota by exploring our shared challenges and how to design a future that works for our unique communities. Each event will begin with a look at CRPD’s latest research, followed by a panel discussion with speakers from urban and rural areas.

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Future topics!
We will be holding these Interconnected Conversations monthly where our topics will revolve around our shared interests in health care, work force, housing and equity & inclusion in our communities.  Check back often for the latest information and registration links.  Pre-registration is required for each Conversation. Sign up here to receive notifications on future discussions.