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When creativity pays off big: Big Stone County

By Kelly Asche Last week we highlighted programs communities have developed to help their small businesses during the pandemic crisis. One of those programs, a campaign put on by the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, turned out to be highly successful. We thought it deserved its own post. The Big Stone Lake Area ...
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Why we’re watching the impact on the recreation industry up north

By Kelly Asche Last week, Governor Walz made the difficult but necessary decision to order all bars and restaurants across the state closed in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 even though it hasn’t reached all counties yet. But even though COVID-19 isn’t in your county yet, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking ...
What is rural? Farm, cows, grain.

What is Rural?

  We asked the all-important question, “What is rural?” The first in our new set of videos on rural issues and research provides the answer! 

Finding work or finding workers? Part 3

As employers hit the end of what’s known as the “slack in the labor force”—that percentage of the population ages 18–64 not participating in the workforce—they are running up against something new: engaging with and recruiting workers from groups of people living in particular circumstances that make it difficult for them to hold jobs. It ...

The Role of Newspapers in Rural Minnesota

By Julie Tesch, President & CEO Have you read a newspaper lately? Was it your local newspaper? Was it in print or online? I’m fortunate to have a daily, regional newspaper delivered to my door every day. I also have two neighboring community newspapers delivered weekly. Why do I spend this money? It is my ...

Finding work or finding workers? Part 2

For years, the focus for economic development policy has been about “jobs, jobs, jobs!” Now, businesses and workforce development organizations are saying, “People, people, people!” Communities in Greater Minnesota are now recognizing that strategies focused solely on recruiting and retaining jobs have to change.
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Letters to the New Governor of Minnesota

What is “Letters to the New Governor”? A compilation of essays giving insights and recommendations by experts from around the state writing on issues of importance to Greater Minnesota. They comment on the ideas and motivations behind some of our most difficult policy questions facing our state, including the region’s changing demographics, the rural economy, the ...