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Season 2 Ep 6: The rising value of ag lands and property taxes

On this episode, Marnie Werner discusses her newest research report coming out in February on the rising values of agriculture lands and the rising property taxes associated with these values. We discuss the disconnect between the value of ag land and farm profitability, the increasing role investors and non-farmers are having on the issue, and ...
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Can high farmland values be too much of a good thing?

by Marnie Werner, VP Research & Operations Between 2000 and 2015, the price of farmland went on a tear. Prices climbed to levels unseen before, making people nervous. Now, after a respite between 2015 and 2020 where prices stayed fairly level, the farmland market is heating up again. These record prices have implications not just ...

The impacts of agriculture on employment and earnings

One economic issue getting a lot of attention is particularly associated with rural areas: agriculture. Global trade, relationships with countries such as China and Mexico, and agricultural commodity prices have a major impact on ag and farming due to the large quantity of commodity crops we export around the world. Prices for corn and soybeans ...

Kevin Paap talks Farm Bill, pt 2

Click to listen: RuralMN Radio, 1/11/19 We’re with Kevin Paap, president of Minnesota Farm Bureau, again this week to continue our conversation on the Farm Bill and some of the big issues with agriculture this legislative session.