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Connecting the unemployed to employment during COVID-19

By Kelly Asche Only a month ago, the primary focus for workforce development organizations in rural Minnesota was to implement strategies that recruited and retained workers in their regions. Their doors were being blown open by businesses in desperate need for employees. We conducted research on this topic and designated this as the number one ...
What is rural? Farm, cows, grain.

What is Rural?

  We asked the all-important question, “What is rural?” The first in our new set of videos on rural issues and research provides the answer! 
Changing the narrative on careers

Finding work or finding workers? Part 4

Changing the story on careers in rural Minnesota For decades, the narrative speaking to rural high school students has been that to succeed, they must leave. But what if we could do something about that? August 2019 By Kelly Asche, Research Associate For a printable version, click here. All Articles in this Series: Finding work ...

Job vacancies and the workforce shortage, pt 2

  This week CRPD’s research associate Kelly Asche joins us again to talk about the workforce shortage and how it can turn out to be a positive story. Employers are starting to look at what were previously considered hard-to-employ groups, like people with criminal backgrounds and people with disabilities. There is also the work going ...