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Why I live here: New London

By Kelly Asche, Research Associate I still remember the moment my wife and I decided to move out of the Twin Cities and back to rural Minnesota. We were sitting at the same St. Paul bar we had been frequenting for years, discussing what we wanted in life. And we realized that that’s what we ...

Why do I live here?

By Marnie Werner, Vice President, Research & Operations (Note: The links in this post are not affiliate links. No one at the Center makes any money if you click on them.) When I saw it was my turn to write the blog post this week and that the assignment was “Why do I live here?” ...
What is rural? Farm, cows, grain.

What is Rural?

  We asked the all-important question, “What is rural?” The first in our new set of videos on rural issues and research provides the answer! 

Finance & Commerce: Coworking is regional affair in Greater Minnesota

EXCERPT: “Far from the big names such as Industrious and WeWork, Greater Minnesota coworking providers are finding ways to make smaller communities and greater distances work for them. From Winona to Moorhead, small local coworking outfits, many sponsored by local governments or nonprofit groups, are meeting the demand for flexible work space. And while they don’t ...