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State of Rural Minnesota, 2018

Each year, the Center for Rural Policy and Development produces the State of Rural Minnesota report, a brief update on the economy and demography of rural Minnesota. As policy discussions concerning rural Minnesota unfold, it is important to understand the past, present, and potential futures of our rural regions.

A Snapshot of Open Enrollment Trends in Rural Minnesota

The number of students choosing to open enroll in Greater Minnesota has been trending upward consistently since the policy was developed, but within the last ten years, these patterns have been intensifying, and in such a way that they are impacting how districts plan their programming, busing, and finances.

MedPage Today: Senators Seek Solutions to Disappearing Rural EDs

EXCERPT: “Healthcare experts offered their advice for preserving access to emergency services in rural communities, and for improving the overall health of patients during a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday. They suggested using global budgets, increasing the use of telemedicine and strengthening support for the healthcare workforce in these areas. But first, the Democratic ...

Crossroads: System Uses Smartphone App to Warn Drivers of High-Risk Curves

EXCERPT: “Lane-departure crashes on curves make up a significant portion of fatal crashes on rural Minnesota roads. To improve safety, solutions are needed to help drivers identify upcoming curves and inform them of a safe speed for navigating the curve. ‘Traditionally there are two ways to do this: with either static signage or with dynamic ...

Mankato Free Press: Open enrollment’s greatest impact is in small school districts

EXCERPT: “Open enrollment has increased across Greater Minnesota over the last decade, according to research by the Center for Rural Policy and Development. The percentage of students choosing to open enroll in rural Minnesota districts increased from 9 percent in 2006-2007 to 15 percent in 2016-2017. For non-metro districts that are regional centers, open enrollment increased ...