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Governor candidates’ forum: Watch the video

The Center, along with the Minnesota Newspaper Association and Compeer Financial, hosted its first gubernatorial candidates’ forum on January 26 during MNA’s annual convention. Our moderator Mary Lahammer led the candidates in one-on-one conversations about just rural issues, ranging from workforce and housing to broadband and water. All nine candidates participated, giving the 150 or ...

A Snapshot of Open Enrollment Trends in Rural Minnesota

The number of students choosing to open enroll in Greater Minnesota has been trending upward consistently since the policy was developed, but within the last ten years, these patterns have been intensifying, and in such a way that they are impacting how districts plan their programming, busing, and finances.

Engadget: England turns to the church to help fix rural internet

EXCERPT: “Though our cities now teem with fiber optic cables and 4G signals, it’s still common for rural areas to struggle with even basic connectivity. In the UK, a new pact between church and state could help local religious hubs become bastions of faster broadband. The National Church Institutions (NCIs) of the Church of England and the government will ...