Research webinar – what happens to the rural workforce during a pandemic?


As the state begins the work of recovering economically from the pandemic, this historic event has left rural Minnesota with a unique opportunity: a large pool of unemployed workers and a large number of jobs that need filling.

In this webinar from January 21, 2021 The Center for Rural Policy & Development presented their research on how rural jobs and the workforce were impacted – “Pandemic paints a different employment picture in rural Minnesota.” We explore the current realities of unemployment, the ongoing problem of high job vacancies in rural Minnesota, and the possibilities created by their convergence.

In addition, 3 panelists were interviewed to discuss what they are seeing on the ground.

– Jinny Reitman, Executive Director – Workforce Development, Inc.

– Janelle Wald Kovar, Executive Director – Northwest Private Industry Council

– Luke Greiner, Regional Analysis – MN Department of Employment and Economic Development