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Coalition of Greater MN Cities: CGMC Legislative Awards

EXCERPT: “Every summer, the CGMC honors the legislators, city officials, and community leaders who helped advance CGMC priorities during the legislative session. View the list of award winners and a brief description of how they earned their award.” FULL STORY:

The Case for County Fairs

By Julie Tesch, CRPD President   The weather is hot and steamy in Minnesota, so that must mean it’s county fair time. Growing up, the county fair was my favorite place on earth. It was the place where I got to see my friends, who I hadn’t seen since school let out, ride some rides ...

Searching for “a place that’s accessible for all the people who need it”: Child Care Access for Latino Immigrant Families in Nobles County

Ulises Linares, Zoe Martens, Kerim Örsel In collaboration with: Dr. Greg Lindsey, the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and the Center for Rural Policy and Development    In 2021, the Center for Rural Policy and Development worked with students at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs to publish, “Building Community Embracing Difference,” ...