WNYC: Program Aims to Empower Disconnected Youth in Rural Communities

WNYC Youth Build

EXCERPT: “For the roughly five million young Americans who find themselves both unemployed and not in school, those living in rural communities face a unique set of challenges. Transportation is a huge issue for those who live hours away from the nearest resources, and jobs remain scarce in local economies that have seen unemployment persist for rural Americans of all ages. And the opioid crisis has especially ravaged communities far outside the country’s cities and urban centers. In West Virginia, YouthBuild North Central is making strides to help young people overcome these obstacles. With a focus on education and career placement, YouthBuild serves three rural communities by recognizing the potential in this segment of opportunity youth. Michelle Phares, program director at YouthBuild North Central, and William Gartmann, a current YouthBuild student, join The Takeaway to talk about their program’s work in rural Appalachia.” AUDIO: http://bit.ly/2gkepsD