Winona Daily News: Winona State program seeks to increase Minnesota’s teachers of color

EXCERPT: “As the temperatures climbed into the 70s Wednesday morning, six high school students ran around with a handful of kids from Winona State University’s Children’s Center as the little ones shouted their advertisements for a lemonade stand by the campus gazebo. The students, who make up WSU’s second cohort of its Aspiring Teachers of Color program, entertained their charges with chalk drawings and bubble-blowing . . . Started in 2018 in collaboration with the college’s H.O.P.E. Academy, the Aspiring Teachers of Color program is meant to offer students from minority backgrounds a chance to get a feel for college life and take a peek into what it takes to pick up a degree in education. But it is also part of Winona State’s on-the-ground efforts to tackle a much broader problem: the state’s lack of teachers of color, despite an increasingly diverse student body.” FULLSTORY: