WDIO-TV: Summit Hosted to Resolve Shortages of Health Care Workers in Northeastern Minnesota

EXCERPT: “Shortages in the healthcare industry are a concern in northeastern Minnesota. Workforce centers in the area are working on finding a solution to this with the help of those in the industry. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, North East Minnesota Office of Job Training, and the City of Duluth Workforce Development, have been hosting the Northeast Regional Healthcare Workforce Summits since last year, where Healthcare employers brainstorm on ways to revive the industry. The third summit was hosted Wednesday at the Mountain Iron Park & Rec Department. 80 people registered from 50 organizations across northeastern Minnesota. ‘Top wages from most of our direct support professionals is only $12 an hour. It’s hard to compete when they can go get a job at a fast food store or somewhere else where they can get $13 or $15 an hour,’ Jackie Conner, a program manager for the Residential Services Inc., said.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2U7Fy09