WCCO-TV: Minnesota Is Losing Workers

EXCERPT: “Economists say the answer is more immigrants — while at the same time President Donald Trump is trying to restrict them. Think of it as Minnesota posting a ‘Help Wanted’ notice. There are more jobs available in the next five years than workers to fill them. And state officials say that’s a major threat to the economy of a state that traditionally has more people moving in than moving out. ‘Even in a cold climate that gets to 70 below, we are the one state in the upper Midwest that has an influx of people coming in,’ said Tim Walz, Minnesota’s newly-elected Democratic governor. The State Department of Economic Development says Minnesota’s worker shortage is the result of: Lower birth rates; Large numbers of baby boomers retiring; And a surprising reason: Not enough immigrants.” FULLSTORY: https://cbsloc.al/2Hl7MBm