WCCO-TV: How Wind Energy Is Affecting Rural Minnesota

EXCERPT: “What started with just a few wind turbines 20 years ago, now turns out nearly 20% of Minnesota’s electricity. But the towering blades haven’t come without questions and controversy in rural Minnesota. In last year’s Super Bowl, ad experts ranked Budweiser’s commercial that promoted wind energy as one of the best. On a farm far away, the reviews weren’t as kind from a Facebook video that went viral. ‘Hello, Budweiser. This is Tom Behrends from Jackson County, Minnesota. It appears you’re a big advocate of wind energy now. Thank you for supporting an industry that ruins people’s lives,’ Behrends said into his cellphone. Tom Behrends’ relationship with wind dates back 15 years. Deployed with the Red Bulls to Iraq, his then wife asked if the neighbors could put up relatively new technology. ‘She sent me an email and said they want to put some wind turbines up across the road. I was kind of like, ‘I really don’t care, I like electricity that’s fine with me,” Behrends said. Behrends said he didn’t fully realize what it would mean until he returned.” FULL STORY: https://cbsloc.al/2KHaum3