WCCO-TV: Hospitality Industry Getting Creative To Quickly Attract Staff As Restrictions Lift

EXCERPT: “Minnesota’s hospitality industry says it lost $11 billion over the past year. Now, as the state’s restrictions ease up, restaurants, hotels and resorts are looking to fill jobs — fast. And that means companies are getting creative to bring in staff. About one in 10 Minnesotans have hospitality jobs. Right now, there’s around 100,000 openings, and not enough people to fill them. WCCO spoke with Liz Rammer, president and CEO of the trade organization Hospitality Minnesota. ‘You don’t just turn a light switch on and it’s all back,’ Rammer said. ‘Yes, it’s going to be a different summer, with full opening and knowing the demand for leisure travel’ . . . And it’s not just in the Twin Cities. Resorts, hotels and restaurants in greater Minnesota also need the seasonal help. As vaccination rates climb, people are traveling more, eating out and seeking out more ways to be entertained.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/2RM7WJN