USA Today: U.S. establishes $20.4-billion fund to bring 5G to rural America: What 5G means for you

EXCERPT: “The Trump Administration is looking to lead in the global race for 5G supremacy, with an eye on rural America. At the White House on Friday, President Trump and  Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai announced plans to hold a 5G-spectrum auction on Dec. 10, further opening up the airwaves that can be deployed by commercial 5G wireless operators. This would be the largest spectrum auction in U.S. history and covers three radio frequency bands, all part of the government’s ongoing ‘5G Fast Plan’ strategy. The U.S. also plans to establish a $20.4-billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to build out high-speed broadband networks in underserved parts of the country over the next decade and connect up to 4 million homes and small businesses. The hope is that the fund, which will launch later this year, will help close the digital divide.” FULLSTORY: