UPI: FCC orders investigation of U.S. wireless carriers over data discrepancies Read more: FCC Orders Investigation of US Wireless Carriers Over Data Discrepancies

EXCERPT: “The Federal Communications Commission said Friday it will investigate whether major U.S. wireless providers have submitted false data. The FCC said it will temporarily suspend the start of a $4.5 billion program to improve wireless Internet service in rural and other underserved areas while the probe is underway. Wireless providers were required to submit current data of their broadband coverage to determine which areas of the United States are most in need of support. A Microsoft study this week indicated 163 million people are without broadband-speed Internet access — significantly more than the FCC’s estimate of just 24.7 million. ‘The FCC’s Mobility Fund Phase II program can play a key role in extending high-speed Internet access to rural areas across America,’ said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a statement Friday. ‘In order to reach those areas, it’s critical that we know where access is and where it is not.'” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2UxPjWT