University of Minnesota: New U of M study outlines recommendations for conserving state’s threatened groundwater supply

EXCERPT: “Nearly 75% of Minnesotans rely on groundwater for their water supply, but that supply can become strained as population grows, land-use changes, and climate change affects precipitation and groundwater use and recharge. These factors mean that many in the state could find groundwater in increasingly short supply in the coming decades— an issue some already face now. In new research from the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center and Freshwater, scientists examined four aquifers across Minnesota to determine if aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) — which aims to treat, inject and temporarily store clean water in aquifers — may provide a solution to meet future demands of residents, industry and agriculture. Researchers determined that three of the aquifers may be suitable for ASR. To make these determinations, a new GIS-based mapping tool created for this study used Minnesota’s nascent aquifer properties database, as well as data reported in publications and unpublished government and consulting reports.” FULL STORY: