United Health Foundation: New Report on Senior Health Shows Rural Health Disparities Persist, Suicide Rates Are Up

EXCERPT: “A new report benchmarking the health of seniors in America finds poorer health outcomes for rural senior citizens compared with their urban and suburban peers and increased national suicide rates. An analysis within the report also highlights the risk of social isolation and its association with poor health for seniors . . . Key findings across states show that rural seniors are: more likely to be physically inactive (34.3 percent compared to 30.4 percent in suburban areas and 30.1 percent in urban areas); and more likely to report a fall (32.4 percent compared to 28.5 percent in suburban areas and 29.5 percent in urban areas); and 7 percent less likely to report receiving a flu vaccination than urban seniors (57.2 percent vs. 61.4 percent, respectively); and less likely to receive health screenings compared with both suburban and urban seniors (66.4 percent vs. 74.3 percent and 75.3 percent, respectively).” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2L6govw REPORT: http://bit.ly/2L4xoCB