Twin Cities Business: How a Small Town Near MN’s Western Edge is Leveraging Its Proximity to Fargo-Moorhead to Grow

EXCERPT: “On the east side of Barnesville, in a grassy lot soon to be surrounded by homes, a sign picturing silhouetted children doing summersaults announces that the site will soon be a neighborhood park – the 12th park in this small town in western Minnesota. This summer the city plans to spend $250,000 on maintenance and new equipment in its park system. For civic leaders here, that’s money well spent. More than simply places of recreation, the parks serve as a kind of welcome mat for young families who might be considering a move from the city to the country. Since 2000, Barnesville has been attracting new residents at a steady pace, growing 18 percent to its current population of about 2,500.” FULLSTORY: