Tree Hugger: Most people live in urban areas, but now all the transportation money is going rural

EXCERPT: “According to the last census, 80.7 percent of the US population lives in urban areas, defined as ‘densely developed residential, commercial and other nonresidential areas.’ There is a lot of argument about that definition because small towns in the middle of nowhere are counted as urban, but there is little argument that most of the country is urban or suburban.So it would seem not exactly fair that out of the $500 million in TIGER grants for highway and transit projects being distributed this year, 64 percent of the funds are going to projects in rural areas, even though only 19 percent of the population lives there. It’s three times as much as was distributed by President Obama to rural areas. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Trump administration is focusing on areas of the country that have been neglected.” FULLSTORY: