The Week: How to keep young people from fleeing small towns for big cities

EXCERPT: “The tendency of young people to leave small-town America for the big city isn’t new. But for the past few decades, more and more of us have been doing it. As Alana Semuels pointed out in an article for The Atlantic a couple years ago, ‘Over the past two decades, as cities have become job centers that attract diverse young people, rural America has become older, whiter, and less populated. Between 2010 and 2014, rural areas lost an average of 33,000 people a year.’ This economic and demographic hollowing out is changing our nation. The people who stay feel left behind. One could argue the most visible repercussions of this shift can be found in our politics: President Trump’s win in 2016 was largely tied to discontent and frustration throughout rural America, in places that felt stagnated, overlooked, and unheard, which only exacerbates our urban-rural divide.” FULLSTORY: