St. James Plaindealer: Critical State House spending bill significant for St. James, other cities

EXCERPT: “One of the most common significant struggles for most small cities across the state is the balance between funding critical projects and other necessities and limiting the amount of burden they put on their residents. Top it off with the proposed LGA budget being less than it was in 2002 for this year the coalition is hoping to make significant strides in at least making the funding current with it was in 2002. Local Government AId (LGA) is a state program that delivers funding to cities that have a high service need compared to their tax base. Over 90% of cities in Minnesota receive LGA. Starting in 2003 the LGA funding began to be reduced. Although the funding amount has fluctuated ever since then, there has been no year where funding was equal to what it was in 2002.” FULLSTORY: