St. Cloud Times: State troopers will carry kits to help the homeless

EXCERPT: “More than 600 kits will be shared by state troopers across Minnesota to help people experiencing homelessness. The new initiative aims to provide essentials to people who need them. The Department of Public Safety collected donations across the state and assembled them into Care on the Go kits. ‘A lot of times people will think it’s just a metro issue,’ said Booker Hodges, assistant commissioner of law enforcement in the  Department of Public Safety. ‘In greater Minnesota, our troopers do encounter quite a few people who are homeless.’ Hodges said a similar program was used in Ramsey County for people leaving jail, and he wanted to start such a program when he came to the DPS. At last count, according to Hodges, just over 600 kits were created statewide. The kits include socks, t-shirts, toothpaste, conditioner, hand wipes and, for some, feminine products. They also included bottled water and protein bars.” FULL STORY: