Reuters: China’s Pork Demand Hits a Peak, Shocking Producers, as Diets Get Healthier

EXCERPT: China’s frozen dumpling makers are finding there’s a quick route to winning new sales – increase the vegetable content, and cut down on the meat. This departure from traditional pork-rich dumplings is a hit with busy, young urbanites, trying to reduce the fat in diets often heavy on fast food. “They like to try to eat more healthy products once a week or fortnight. It’s a big trend for mainland China consumers, especially those aged 20 to 35,” said Ellis Wang, Shanghai-based marketing manager at U.S. food giant General Mills, which owns top dumpling brand Wanchai Ferry. For pig farmers in China and abroad, it is a difficult trend to stomach. The producers and other market experts had expected the growth to continue until at least 2026. FULLSTORY: