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Are our small towns functionally dead?

The rural side of health insurance

Economic development’s holy grail

The wrong side of the digital divide

Looking at a uniform system of public schools

Another challenge for ethanol

The agrarian dilemma

Strengthening our rural communities

The Power of Proximity



Valuing our rural colleges, July 2004



Creating a business-friendly Minnesota, April 2003

Examining efficiency in our public schools, February 2003

How will rural Minnesota fare with the 2003 Legislature? January 2003



Securing our energy future, May 2002

On common challenges, March 2002

How fast is fast enough? February 2002

Is it time for a new broadband strategy? January 2002



On the health insurance dilemma, October 2001

On ethnic diversity in rural Minnesota, August 2001

On the digital divide, July 2001

On the teacher shortage, May 2001

On redistricting, March 2001