Pioneer Press: People in mental health crises often end up in ERs or jail. An $80M plan is proposed to help

EXCERPT: “A proposal moving quietly through the Legislature would take a step toward closing gaps in mental health facilities. The bill would provide $80 million for state grant programs to construct six mental health crisis centers around the state that cities, counties, hospitals and other public entities would operate to serve mentally ill and chemically dependent people. The plan also would grant the funding to build three long-term housing facilities to support mental health services. Numerous studies have reported huge gaps in Minnesota’s mental health services. The crisis center proposal ‘would be a start in closing those gaps,’ said Sen. David Senjem, the Rochester Republican who introduced the bills and chairs the Capital Investment Committee that will decide whether to fund it. Senjem’s legislative package and a companion House bill sponsored by Rep. Tony Albright, R-Prior Lake, would provide money in the Legislature’s public works bonding bill this year for grants to local governments to pay for constructing or renovating facilities to house a wide range of services that treat people with mental illness or chemical-dependency disorders.” FULLSTORY: