Pioneer PBS: Rural Minnesota County Gives Its Discarded Electronics a Second Chance

EXCERPT: “The challenge is really two sides of the same computer disc. On one side, there’s been an identified need for affordable computers in Lyon County. On the other side, Lyon County as a landfill county is trying to figure out how to lessen its e-waste footprint. Lyon County, located in rural southwest Minnesota, has a population of 25,269, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. ‘We’ve been diverting electronic waste from landfilling for many years,’ said Roger Schroeder, the environmental administrator for Lyon County. Electronic waste or e-waste includes things like VCRs, DVDs, TVs, and computers. Schroeder said that the county has been a collection point for e-waste since 2009 because, in 2006, Minnesota law required that anything with a cathode-ray tube, like televisions and computer monitors, be recycled.  Years ago, Schroeder was approached by an individual who wanted to start an e-waste recycling program, but thought that Lyon County wasn’t in a position to do that. Obstacles like personal data and program costs were first on Schroeder’s mind.” FULL STORY: