Otter Tail Lakes Country Association: “Rural By Choice” Explores a Growing Otter Tail County, Minn., to Learn Why Americans are Returning to Rural Life

EXCERPT: “‘Rural By Choice’ is a new seven-part documentary series that reveals how rural communities in Western Minnesota have experienced surprising population growth — from surprising demographics — in recent years. The story of this rural America rebound is told through the eyes of WCCO radio host Cory Hepola (a native of Otter Tail County), who returns to his childhood roots to discover that rural Minnesota offers as many opportunities as it does miles of sugar sand beachfront. ‘Growing up here, I loved it, or at least what I knew about it,’ Hepola explained. ‘While filming this series, I got the chance to find out more, and while doing that, discovered a new appreciation and understanding of rural living. Getting to come back now as somewhat of an urban outsider, I also see why people who visit decide to come back for good.’ With 1,048 lakes (more than any other county in the U.S.) providing more than 157,000 acres of crystal clear waters, Otter Tail County is the vibrant, beating heart of Minnesota’s famous lakes country.” FULL STORY: