National Public Radio: Rural poverty in America is ‘an emergency’

EXCERPT: “The United States does not stack up favorably when compared to other nations with advanced economies when it comes to childhood poverty worldwide, according to a new report, which considered factors such as the lack of access to quality food, high adolescent birth rates and a child dropping out of school. Out of 175 nations, the U.S. ranks 36th – far behind Singapore, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which round out the top five — and just behind Bahrain and Belarus in the report produced by the advocacy group Save the Children. ‘We are just above Russia, Kuwait and Bosnia,’ says president and CEO Carolyn Miles. ‘So I wouldn’t say that the United States is doing terribly well as far as childhoods.’ The report looks at so-called childhood enders or ‘events that rob children of their childhood and prevent them from reaching their full potential,’ including things like displacement due to war, gender bias, child labor and child mortality.” FULLSTORY: