MNDOT: New study shows Minnesota’s public airports generate $18.2 billion in annual economic activity

EXCERPT: “Minnesota’s public airport system generates $18.2 billion in annual economic activity statewide, according to a new study the Minnesota Department of Transportation released today that details the economic impact of the state’s 133 public airports. The Minnesota Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study documents the broad economic impacts of the statewide system, and provides detailed reports on the local economic activity generated by 126 of those airports. The last statewide airport economic impact study was published in 2011. Additional study findings include: The 126 public airports in Greater Minnesota support more than 13,000 jobs and more than $570 million in annual payroll. The seven Metropolitan Airport Commission airports, including Minneapolis-St. Paul International, support more than 80,000 jobs and more than $3.9 billion in annual payroll. Public airports create economic efficiencies that help many Greater Minnesota businesses compete nationally and globally, and create local jobs that support local economies. Public airports support medical services essential to Greater Minnesota hospitals, including medical airlift, quick access for doctors and fast organ delivery. Public airports provide infrastructure needed to deliver fast, efficient aerial firefighting and other emergency services throughout the state. Public airports are essential to many aerial spray applicators, commonly known as ‘crop dusters,’ that serve Minnesota’s agriculture economy.” FULL STORY: