MinnPost: What internet providers are doing to keep Minnesotans online during the pandemic

EXCERPT: “Internet providers in Minnesota are honoring a call made by the Federal Communications Commission to take action to assure that residents and businesses can stay online during the COVID-19 crisis. What is called the Keep Americans Connected Pledge promises to not terminate internet service to residential or small business customers because of failure to pay for reasons connected to the crisis. It also calls on providers to waive late fees and open any wifi hotspots to all users. The pledge came out of March 12 conferences call between FCC chairman Ajit Pai and internet providers, and most U.S. telephone and internet companies signed on. Pai also called on companies to relax data caps, increase speeds without additional charges and to work to provide adequate service to health care providers and to schools implementing e-learning due to school closures.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/2WG7RHZ