MinnPost: There’s more than one Greater Minnesota

EXCERPT: “To hear some politicians tell it, there are two Minnesotas: There’s the Twin Cities, land of lattes and light rail and the beneficiary of untold state-sponsored largesse, and then there’s Greater Minnesota, long-suffering home to real Minnesotans, stolidly laboring along in spite of consistent neglect from the powers-that-be in St. Paul… There’s a lot that’s not quite right about that narrative, not the least of which is the assumption that “Greater Minnesota” is one big, uniform place. In reality, Greater Minnesota contains regions that are distinct from one another because of the land they sit on, because of the people who settled them and the people who live in them now; how rural they are; what businesses they’re home to, and many other factors…A new report from Minnesota Compass looks at some of those differences across six different parts of the state: the Central, Northland, Northwest, Southern, Southwest and West Central regions.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2mFlfbQ