MinnPost: Solar power could be huge in Greater Minnesota — if they can find the people to build it

EXCERPT: “Given these benefits, and the state support, the solar explosion in Minnesota is not surprising. But, as in any new market, there have been growing pains. Many installers complain that they can’t get enough labor for the demand. They cite a State Board of Electricity rule that solar construction is considered electrical work and must be staffed at a ratio of one licensed electrician to two unlicensed ones. With increasing demand on the number of Journeyman and Master (i.e ‘licensed’) electricians, they say this is effectively a bottleneck on growth and employment. ‘The vast majority of the system has to be done by a licensed electrician,’ said Johnson. ‘This is a Minnesota thing, not a code thing. The Minnesota folks have decided that all parts of a solar energy system have to be done by a licensed electrician, including the ones that are plug and play.'” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2INI8qu