MinnPost: No more ‘range anxiety’? How the MPCA, companies hope to allay a nagging concern about electric cars

EXCERPT: “As the push for electric cars continues, with policymakers counting on their increasing use to curb greenhouse gas emissions, one question continues to bedevil would-be electric-vehicle drivers: ‘How far can I drive before I need a charge?’ Late last month, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency took a step toward alleviating that concern by announcing that it will fund the installation of as many as 38 so-called ‘fast-charging’ stations across the state – from Fairmont in the far south to Warroad on the Canadian border. The new stations will expand the state’s ‘EV highway corridor’ by some 2,500 miles, the agency said.  That’s in addition to about 1,100 corridor miles that have been developed since 2018, when the agency provided grants for 22 charging stations in the first of three planned phases of development.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3kAIsbD