Minnesota Public Radio: When are electric vehicle fast chargers coming to greater Minnesota?

EXCERPT: “Ann Burns owns a Chevy Bolt, an electric vehicle that can get more than 200 miles on a charge. She can easily run errands in the St. Cloud area without needing to charge up. ‘The problem for us and many others is that when we go up north to our cabin, which is at the edge of the wilderness 200 miles north of us, there is nowhere to stop midway to refuel if we need to,’ she said. Minnesota is getting there, said Tim Sexton, an assistant commissioner and chief sustainability officer for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. ‘The lack of fast chargers in greater Minnesota is a recognized need,’ he said, acknowledging that Burns would be cutting it close on that trip up north in her Bolt. ‘You wouldn’t want to be blasting the air conditioner or have the heat cranked up too much in the winter,’ he said, noting that electric vehicles often get lower mileage under those circumstances.” FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/2YwE4At