Minnesota Public Radio: Walz says $293M needed to make water infrastructure more resilient to climate change

EXCERPT: “Gov. Tim Walz is proposing $293 million in borrowing to help improve drinking water and wastewater facilities throughout Minnesota. The DFL governor announced the plan Friday at the State Capitol. It was the second in a planned four-part rollout of a bonding bill that is expected to reach $2 billion. Republicans have said the number is too big. Walz said the investment in water-related projects is needed to replace aging infrastructure and meet basic needs in communities. ‘This will go toward supporting projects to fix pipes and plants that process the state’s sewage and drinking water,’ Walz said. ‘It will harden existing stormwater infrastructure and build new, more resilient infrastructure to manage increased extreme weather events we see as a result of climate change.’ The long list of projects includes a water and sewer extension for a park in Lake City, Minn., riverbank stabilization in Mankato, Minn., and upgrades to the snow-making system at Giants Ridge.” FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/36DSxxI