Minnesota Public Radio: Southern Minn. towns fed up with telecom service

EXCERPT: “You would expect to look up to see Frontier Communications telephone lines in the town of Ceylon, neatly swaying from traditional wood utility poles. But in parts of town, look down. There they are — black cables snaking through the grass. ‘There’s three lines there, that are just laying across the ground,’ said John Gibeau, a Ceylon City Council member. ‘And they run down for probably another 60 yards.’ He gives Frontier’s work on this telephone line project a failing grade. It looks like the cables were successfully laid out, but that’s it. They’ve never been buried or attached to a telephone pole. Nearly 400 people have attended a series of public hearings across Minnesota concerning complaints about Frontier Communications as part of a state Public Utilities Commission investigation of the phone and internet company.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2OtiKsY