Minnesota Public Radio: In fight for better working conditions, Somalis find their voice

EXCERPT: “When Bisharo Aded was hired onto the production line at Pilgrim’s Pride chicken processing plant in Cold Spring, Minn., in 2014, her co-workers warned her bluntly: Don’t lose your job, or you’ll risk becoming homeless. She had lived only three years in the United States, and the thought of ending up on the streets frightened her. As a young single mother, she took her colleagues’ advice to heart — always show up on time; don’t complain about working conditions; if you get hurt at work, don’t report it. Even when she encountered conditions she felt were abusive, Aded kept her head down and focused on her duties, packaging chicken carcasses on the overnight shift for $14 an hour. ‘When you need to go to the restroom, they tell you that you have to wait until your break time,’ Aded recalled. ‘If you complain, they tell you to get out.’ It’s a story of struggle well-known to German, Scandinavian and Eastern European immigrants of years gone by in Minnesota. Those new Americans forced better working conditions by raising their voices and organizing.” FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/2Uh3IH7