Minnesota Public Radio: Child care staff shortage forces some Minnesota centers to consider shutting doors

EXCERPT: “Child care center operator Nicole Flick sees no shortage of parents trying to secure spots for their children. ‘The spots are there,’ Flick said. ‘We just can’t fill them because we don’t have enough staff to meet the ratios required by the state.’ The ABC123 Child Enrichment Center in Dilworth, Minn., east of Moorhead, is licensed for 173 children. But right now they can only accept 143 children. Flick said she’s in a tough position. She can’t raise prices because parents aren’t going to be able to pay more, but in order to attract and hold onto staff she needs to increase wages. She can’t afford to pay benefits, which puts her at a further disadvantage against fast food companies in her part of northwestern Minnesota.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3TLRe7A