Marshall Independent: Walz says Minnesota won’t leave anyone behind

EXCERPT: ” It was getting crowded at the 19 & 75 Cafe. In addition to residents from the Ivanhoe area, people were arriving from Lyon and even Redwood County to meet with new Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. The turnout was a positive sign, Walz said. As he addressed the people gathered at the cafe, Walz emphasized the need for Minnesotans to continue taking part in their democracy, and to find common ground to help meet public needs. It will be an important part of his job too, he said. ‘It’s my responsibility to be the governor for all 5.5 million Minnesotans,’ Walz said. It was both a public meet-and-greet and a family gathering that brought Walz, his wife Gwen and their family to Ivanhoe on Sunday afternoon.” FULLSTORY: