Marshall Independent: Smart phone app to take measure of rural broadband

EXCERPT: “People living in southwest Minnesota know about the challenges of getting a good Internet connection. But in order to help fix the problem, they might need to spread the word about it first. Lyon County officials said this week they’re encouraging people to use a free smart phone app that will help highlight areas of low Internet connectivity across the U.S. The TestIT app allows users to test their broadband speed with the press of a button, and see how it compares to the national average and minimum standards set by the Federal Communications Commission. The app also collects a snapshot of the test data and location, to show what Internet connectivity is like in areas around the country. Lyon County Board Chairman Gary Crowley said Wednesday that he’s already tried running the speed test on his own internet connection. ‘I thought we had pretty good speed, but it wasn’t,’ Crowley said.” FULLSTORY: