Mankato Free Press: Taxes, infrastructures and a host of issues on docket for lawmakers

EXCERPT: “Waldorf employees can point out where the walls are, literally, crumbling at the city wastewater treatment plant. They use a refrigerator door to help cover an entryway — they could fix the old door that broke, but it would likely cause the frame and potentially the nearby wall to shatter. This facility was built in the mid-1940s after all, and engineering consultants say the treatment plant is practically coming apart in some places. With so many problems, it’s little wonder Waldorf residents are counting on the Minnesota Legislature to help fund a new wastewater treatment plant this year. Waldorf wants about $2 million in total — about $1.2 million to help build new water and sewer infrastructure, and about $800,000 to slightly offset monthly water bill increases. Lawmakers are faced with mounting infrastructure and tax concerns from similar communities around the state.” FULLSTORY: