Mankato Free Press: Rural grocers deal with supply issues due to COVID-19

EXCERPT: “Like a lot of people, Andrew Storjohann was frustrated when he tried to shop for groceries in Mankato in March. Customers were flocking to stores buying whatever they could get, from toilet paper to bread to canned food and pasta. ‘People are (acting) stupid,’ Storjohann said of the stockpiling. ‘People are just, I think, overreacting and it’s just put a strain on everybody.’ Fast forward a few weeks and the initial stockpiling craze has largely calmed down. Yet Storjohann, who lives in Janesville, and many other rural residents face more difficulty than the average Mankato resident in getting groceries. In many cases, people who live outside of the Greater Mankato area rely on rural grocery stores for basic goods. Few parts of south-central Minnesota qualify as a food desert, meaning most residents can find a grocery store within 10 miles of where they live.” FULL STORY: