Mankato Free Press: Municipal liquor store profits often boost town budgets

EXCERPT: “The patrons of the Le Center Liquor Store don’t just enjoy some good company and a couple of drinks — they help out the city’s swimming pool. The town’s ‘muni’ is once again one of the most profitable, per capita, in southern Minnesota. ‘It’s always been profitable. This was probably their best year ever,’ said City Administrator Chris Collins. He said the $30,000 that is transferred from the liquor store account to the city’s general fund this year is seen as a way to financially support the city-owned outdoor pool. ‘The pool loses money and we kind of feel that transfer from the liquor fund offsets that pool loss,’ Collins said. In total the on- and off-sale liquor store had a net profit of $104,800 in 2017, according to the annual report on municipal liquor stores put out by State Auditor Rebecca Otto.” FULLSTORY: