Lavender: Brewery Home Companion: Rural Breweries Across Minnesota

EXCERPT: “I have driven 381 miles for a beer. Revelation Ale Works is a small, seven-barrel taproom in Minnesota’s northwesternmost corner, in a blip of corn silos and grain elevators called Hallock (pop. 981). The landscape is practically featureless, a flowchart of sugar beets and soybeans broken by farmhouses and the odd cottonwood. The soil is loamy and black and fertile. I get so lost on my drive (cell service north of Grand Forks is basically a punchline) that when I stop at a gas station for directions, the attendant has never heard of Hallock. The brewery occupies the historic Johnson Standard Building, an old service station ‘in the heart of downtown Hallock.’ Ryan Evenson, who co-owns Revelation with his wife Lindsey (and four employee owners), bought the building for $100. ‘We moved back here [from Oregon] some years ago,’ Ryan says. We’re standing in Revelation’s bustling L-shaped taproom, where I’m sipping a very citrusy dry-hopped Edison’s Medicine New England IPA (ABV: 6.4%), with Ryan and his wife Lindsey. He continues: ‘I’m originally from Thief River Falls, just an hour south [and where I’d asked the walleyed gas station attendant for directions to this very spot, coincidentally]. I heard from the City Administrator that they were gonna tear this building downthey were using it for storage, there were holes in the ceiling, it’d rained in here—so I went to them and said, ‘Instead of tearing down this awesome building, how about I give you a hundred bucks for it?’'” FULL STORY: