Land O’Lakes: Teddy Bekele brings our agricultural technology story to the SXSW stage

EXCERPT: “The sunset over downtown Minneapolis is gorgeous. Teddy Bekele’s stepped outside on his balcony for a moment. It’s already been a full day and it’s not over yet. Inside his home, old family photos and mementos are scattered across the living room table. Many show memories from his early childhood growing up on a farm in Ethiopia. Their story is bittersweet. When he was seven years old, a dictator came into power and nationalized all the land. Teddy’s family lost everything overnight. They moved to Italy, where his father sold crop protection products from Europe into eastern Africa. Ten years later, they moved again, this time settling in North Carolina . . . Today, Teddy is vice president, Ag Technology, at WinField® United, the seed and crop protection products business of Land O’Lakes, Inc. And on this night, he’s prepping for something big—bringing the company’s agricultural technology (Ag Tech) story to a perhaps unexpected stage—South by Southwest (SXSW).” FULLSTORY/VIDEO: