KARE-TV: White House COVID advisor visits MN

EXCERPT: “White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Deborah Birx traveled through rural Minnesota on her way to St. Paul to meet with Governor Walz and other local health and policy leaders. And she says she noticed a difference in who’s wearing masks and taking other COVID-19 precautions. ‘There is a real attention to these mitigation efforts in these urban areas, but there really does need to be improvement in many of the rural areas,’ Birx said. Birx had a few different recommendations for Minnesotans. First, as the virus spreads more to smaller counties in the state, she wants rural residents to make sure they take the virus seriously. ‘Sometimes in rural communities, they’ve because of their experience in March and April, they see this virus as more of a New York City or a big city kind of phenomenon,’ Birx said.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/2GiqMCN