KARE-TV: Couple wins cafe, changes the flavor of small town dining

EXCERPT: ” In Sherburn, Minnesota the first light of day comes from the Cup N’ Saucer Café. ‘It’s our morning stop, 6:30 morning stop,’ Brian Steen says. Steen sits among the other farmers and retirees at a corner table by the café’s front window. Their table. As coffee is poured, the conversation shifts easily from sports, to the state of the fall harvest, to the day’s news – within the same walls the café’s owners, Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman, have spent the past few years making news of their own. ‘We’re not your average small-town café,’ Elizabeth says. The story is, by now, the stuff of local legend, documented in newspaper clippings neatly arranged on the café’s walls.” FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/2OkBw3N