Kaiser Family Foundation: The Challenge Of Vaccine Hesitancy In Rural America

EXCERPT: “Getting shots into arms in rural Americans, most of whom see getting the vaccine as a personal choice and not a social responsibility to protect others, is a problem that will require tailored outreach and messaging. It underscores that a cookie cutter approach to vaccine hesitancy campaigns will not work. Even as coronavirus surges in rural America rural residents are more vaccine hesitant than their suburban or urban counterparts and just as hesitant as Black Americans are, a group which has been singled out for their vaccine hesitancy. 35% of rural Americans say they either will not or probably will not get it. That compares with 26% of urban Americans who say the same thing and is the same overall level of hesitancy we see for Blacks. People living in rural America are no less likely than people in urban or suburban areas to know someone who has tested positive or died from coronavirus, they have other reasons for their hesitancy.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/2LVBBx4