Interconnected – The future of EMS in Rural & Urban MN


About the Interconnected Series: Wherever you live, you have undoubtedly encountered the term “Urban/Rural Divide” that describes a divisive narrative in policy and politics based on geographic differences. In reality, we all want similar things – good healthcare and education, for example – but the solutions often look different based on where you live. How can we build understanding between these communities? The Center for Rural Policy and Development and The Citizens League have partnered to develop a series exploring critical topics and to help bridge the gap in understanding.

On Thursday, September 29, 2022 this webinar explored shared challenges and opportunities facing Emergency Medical Services in rural and urban areas. We all want an ambulance to arrive promptly when we call 9-1-1, but funding and workforce issues are stretching systems thin.



Kelly Asche – Sr. Researcher, Center for Rural Policy & Development
Dylan J Ferguson – Executive Director, Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB)
Ann Jenson – Executive Director, Southwest MN EMS
Mark Jones – Executive Director, Minnesota Rural Health Association

Moderated by:

Kate Raddatz – Park Street Public