INFORUM: Report finds vast acres of Minnesota public land off-limits to public

EXCERPT: “A new report released this month found 248,000 acres of public land in Minnesota — land owned by the taxpayers — that you can’t legally get to, with no public access and surrounded by private property. There’s another 55,000 acres of landlocked public land in Wisconsin . . . The plots are national and state forest land, wildlife management and hunting areas, county and municipal forest and more — all public land owned by taxpayers and, by law, supposedly open for public recreation like hiking, hunting and birdwatching for everyone . . . Just north of Duluth, a 100-acre tract of land was donated to the state to create Lieuna Wildlife Management Area in North Star Township. The state accepted and designated the land on the shore of a shallow wild rice lake with the intent of managing for wild rice, waterfowl and recreation. But there’s never been a legal way to get to it, Martha Minchak, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wildlife manager in Duluth, said.” FULL STORY: